Jonathan Fishman is the unique consultant who can lead an organization to think outside the box without being pushy or arrogant. The result is organizations that develop solutions that they believe in and will implement. Jonathan is not afraid to “push back” with the intent of getting people at every level to think and find superior solutions. The greatest compliment Jonathan receives is that “he is committed to the success of the Team”.

In his consulting projects, Jonathan uses data collection and analysis to let the “facts” build the case for change. He adds value to organizations by applying critical analytical thinking processes to business issues. This allows organizations to consider, evaluate and ultimately select alternatives that will meet or surpass their design criteria. Jonathan has used this process to develop organization strategy, restructure organizations, reduce organizational complexity and costs, re-design business processes, assess organizations and program performance, and develop core competency initiatives.

Jonathan has been in leadership and management positions for over 25 years and brings a wealth of leadership and organizational knowledge that benefits his Clients. His emotional intelligence defuses conflicting situations leading to collaborative solutions that both excites and motivates the organization. He has worked internationally with private corporations and not-for-profits, where he has been called upon to assist management in problem solving and decision-making issues, as well as to facilitate team building and leadership retreats. Most importantly, Jonathan works equally well with employees from the corporate level to the plant floor in order to engage and gain involvement in resolving issues.

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Our Name

The inspiration for our name BLAZE, comes from the prominently placed markings on a hiking trail that provide direction. The trail blaze marker is a guide that directs the hiker how to stay on the trail. The hiker always has the option to consciously make the choice to deviate from the path and use the designated trail as a reference point and get back on before becoming completely lost.

The trail blaze symbolizes our mandate – to choose a path.

Some paths lead to familiar and expected destinations, while others open you to new discoveries. Trail blazes have a simple set of rules to follow when on the path or that can be disregarded entirely. Analogous opportunities present themselves everyday to men and women in corporate life. They too must effectively make choices to get the results they want. Blaze helps these organizations, teams and individuals maximize the probability of success.