Process is everywhere.  Manufacturing process… Creative process…  Planning process…  Work process… Learning process… Production process… Computer process…  you get the the idea.  A process simply stated is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.  You cannot begin to improve what you do or the way you are doing it, without a clear picture of all of the components (or inputs) that make up the whole process.

Process Excellence means improving the way that businesses create and deliver value to their Customers.  It’s about increasing the level of service your organization provides for your Customers.

Blaze Leadership Consulting works with you and your staff to assess the current state of your business and identify opportunities for improvement.  Take a look at the work flow example on this page which illustrates the patient’s journey through a physician’s office.  The key to better flow is to develop a deep understanding of what is going on.  Having this macro-level picture of how the office works complete, you can better engage to decide where you want to begin your improvement effort, identify problem areas, develop a concept of your ideal system, and then, through small tests of change, begin moving toward your goal.

Blaze Leadership Consulting helps you focus on meeting your performance goals by using a continuous improvement process framework to create a platform for long term, sustainable, profitable growth.

You must adopt a holistic view of the entire organization in order to make the right choices to successfully meet your business transformation objectives. Business re-engineering efforts will not achieve their objectives and subsequently do not sustain themselves over the long term if you do not make sure you have the right balance of people, process and technology.

Systematic approach used to deliver process improvement 


Process Identification & Definition
Process Owner Selection & Team

  • Define Process: Start -> End
  • Define Charter: Project Scope & Team
  • Review Existing Process Documentation
  • Review Existing Metrics & Targets
  • Map Process (High Level)
  • Derive Critical Quality Parameters (CTQ’s)
  • Define Defect


Identify the vital measures that will be the indicators of the overall process performance

  • Determine What To Measure
  • Determine How To Measure
  • Measure The Process Capability & Stability
  • Evaluate The Measurement
  • Calculate and Set Financial Baseline
  • Refine Charter

Assess the current “as-is” state of today’s performance

  • Duration
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Effort


Conduct Root Cause Analysis: Identify, Quantify and Verify Root Causes

  • Make Hypothesis
  • Devise Countermeasures to Address Issues
  • Test Hypothesis
  • Estimate Benefits


Innovate, Design and Implement Improved Solution
Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Brainstorm Solution
  • Evaluate Solution
  • Select Best Solution
  • Develop Process Control System (Target and Future State Process Map)
  • Test Solutions
  • Create an Implementation Plan
  • Develop a Follow-up Plan with Predicted Outcome
  • Implement Improved Solution


Institutionalize Improvement, Ongoing Control
Ongoing Measurement & Monitoring Plan Implemented

  • Standardize Process
  • Determine Improvements and Validate Benefits
  • Document & Close Project
  • Implement Ongoing Measurement & Monitoring Plan
  • Check for Stability and Capability
  • Problem Solve As Needed