The Blaze Leadership Effectiveness Workshop has been designed to bring Teams together to establish best practice ways-of-working that enables effective change management and execution of projects.

Based on a Lean Six Sigma approach to problem solving, Managers and their Teams are engaged in a fun and interactive workshop where they plan the execution of a real-life project they want to successfully complete.

Program Methodology for Leading Teams to Succeed

  • Assess situation and gather data to tailor the approach
  • Define the goal and scope of the project
  • Establish accountability with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Identify processes that relate to the scope of the project
  • Define action plan and gain buy-in
  • Determine measures to employ that will verify success and sustainability
  • Learn the keys to effective project management and communication
  • Gain insights for coaching staff, delegating tasks and handling performance problems
  • Experience leading meetings that inspire and manage change

Managing The Team Cover

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